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Objectives: 1) To identify and clone K+ channels encoded in the P. falciparum genome, 2) To assess the K+ channels level of expression and visualize their cellular localization in the infected…
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Total grant: 1,141,366
The thesis addresses and the changes experienced by the Mongolian family since the fall of Soviet socialism. Based on 12 months fieldwork in Ulaanbaatar and previous 3.5 years work and residence in…
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Total grant: 1,658,198
The aim of the project was to assess the effect of nutritional support on TB treatment outcomes, and to assess the role of diabetes on risk and severity of TB, and TB treatment outcomes. The project…
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Total grant: 2,137,947
This thesis is an account and analysis of pastorship in neo-Pentecostal/charismatic churches in southern Ghana, more particularly in Asante. It is an investigation of how and why Ghanaian pastors…
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Abstract: Landfilling is the most used waste management technology in most parts of the world and Ghana is not an exception. Usually, the landfilled waste have high organic composition. The organic…
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