Agroforestry for People, Ecosystems and Climate (AfPEC)

Research project Background In the light of the biodiversity and climate crises, there is an urgent need for research on green solutions and not least for making science operative. Globally there has been increasing focus to agroforestry as a key tool for curbing cl ...
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Transformative knowledge for people, forests and climate in Tanzania (Mageuzi ya Maarifa)

Research project Climate change policy and forest management laws and regulations in Africa are developed by experts who are trained using Western epistemological approaches. A wealth of other approaches, using bottom-up knowledge, are available, but these are rarely ...
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The Political Economy of Local Food System Governance: Impacts on climate-vulnerable communities in the Lake Victoria border region

Research project The local communities in the Lake Victoria region in Eastern Africa are negatively experiencing climate changes in many ways. Warmer temperatures and increased rainfall threaten their livelihoods. Communities in this region have to adjust to these ch ...
2024-04-01 to 2029-03-31 Tanzania Uganda Agricultural production Food security and safety State building, governance and civil society Lead institution: Aarhus University (AU), Denmark Partner institutions: Research on Poverty Alleviation (REPOA), Tanzania Kabale University (KAB), Uganda Project coordinator: Anne Mette Kjær Project code: 24-11-AU Total grant: 9,998,014 DKK
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Cities of Youth: The gendered impact of climate migration on health and wellbeing of youth migrants, and system capacity in secondary cities in Uganda

Research project Male and female youth in Uganda are on the move. Making up the majority of the population, they are migrating due to climate change and settling in urban spaces in search of better futures. However, migration does not always lead to better outcomes. ...
2024-04-01 to 2028-03-31 Uganda Climate change Gender equality Health Lead institution: University of Southern Denmark (SDU), Denmark Partner institutions: Makerere University (MAK), Uganda Project coordinator: Angela Chang Project code: 24-01-SDU Total grant: 9,999,763 DKK
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Mitigating emerging climate-sensitive disease vectors amongst internally displaced communities in Somaliland

Research project East Africa has experienced years of serious droughts exacerbated by the climate crisis. In Somaliland, due to climate change and the worst drought seen in 40 years, the magnitude of internally displaced people (IDP) fleeing from the drought has led ...
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TRANS-AG: Governing TRANSformation in AGricultural Systems

Research project In the TRANS-AG research programme, a multidisciplinary team of Vietnamese and Danish researchers provides novel research on agricultural transformation in response to climate and environmental challenges. Across the globe, agricultural systems are u ...
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Energy transition and climate-smart agriculture in Vietnam (ETCAV)

Research project How can a developing economy reduce greenhouse gas emissions and transition to cleaner and renewable energy sources while growing industrial and agricultural output? The relationship between economic growth and environmental quality is a seminal them ...
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Enhancing production of locally-adapted, climate-resilient underutilized crops

Research project Food security starts with seeds and yet, in Nigeria, access to high quality seeds, particularly of highly nutritious, locally-adapted vegetables, is limited. Ensuring high quality seeds are available to farmers requires development of the local seed ...
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