Clean Shipping on Green Fuel


This pilot project will be a big move towards the use of Dimethyl ether (DME) as a competitive and clean fuel alternative for the marine sector. Upcoming regulation of SOx, NOx, CO2 and the focus on soot emissions from the marine fleet is a challenge with current marine fuels. Engine technology for alternative fuels such as natural gas, propane, ethane and methane is under development. These fuels all have drawbacks compared to DME, especially regarding clean combustion and efficiency potential.

Some of the project outcomes will be:

• Guidelines for design of an efficient, low emission DME engine.

• Guidelines to benefit from the additional Waste Heat Recovery potential of DME.

• Optimization of DME production by combining conventional and renewable sources.

• Investigation of marine application of the estimated 10 million tons per year currently unused Chinese DME production capacity, including cost and logistics for marine supply.

• To develop a Danish-Chinese sustainable energy collaboration to strengthen the achievement of both countries sustainable development goals.

• To strengthen the technological leadership of the Danish and Chinese Maritime Sector.