Rural-Urban Transformation (RUT): Governance, Mobility, and Economic Dynamics, in Emerging Urban Centres for Poverty Reduction


Start date: 1 January, 2015 End date: 31 July, 2021 Project type: South-driven projects (prior to 2017) Project code: 13-P02-TAN Countries: Tanzania Thematic areas: Economic development and value chains, State building, governance and civil society, Urban development, Lead institution: Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA), Tanzania Partner institutions: University of Copenhagen (UCPH), Denmark Project website: go to website (the site might be inactive) Project coordinator: Evelyne Albert Lazaro Total grant: 4,954,851 DKK Project files:

Project summary

Since 2000s there has been a growing concern in issues of urbanization and urban poverty. The focus has been on rapid urbanization from rural - urban migration and resulting urban poverty. This extension phase is necessary to inform policy as well as development agents on strategies to facilitate the growth and governance of Emerging Urban Centers. From previous findings evidence show that mobility and associated rural-urban linkages have a poverty reducing effect in both rural and urban. Growth of population as well as economic activities in emerging urban centres require good governance for deliberate planning and management for growth. A recent study in Tanzania emphasized the importance of mobility and secondary towns in reducing poverty. That 1 out of every 2 people that escaped poverty moved to non farm activities in secondary towns. Our previous study (RUCROP) emphasize the importance of agriculture for financing establishment of non-farm businesses and farm businesses.

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