Climate Change-Induced Water Disaster and Participatory Information System for Vulnerability Reduction in North Central Vietnam


Start date: 1 October, 2012 End date: 31 July, 2016 Project type: Pilot research cooperation projects (prior to 2013) Project code: 11-P04-VIE Countries: Vietnam Thematic areas: Climate change, Lead institution: Hanoi University of Science (HUS), Vietnam Partner institutions: Roskilde University (RUC), Denmark Project website: go to website (the site might be inactive) Policy Brief: Policy Brief Project coordinator: Phan Van Tan Total grant: 5,094,892 DKK Project files:

Project summary

Located in the North Central Vietnam, provinces Nghe An, Ha Tinh and Quang Binh (NHQ), where most of inhabitants depend on revenues from agricultural and aquacultural sectors, are among the most affected by climate change (CC) induced water disaster (WD) related extreme climate events (ECEs). By using multi scale and multi level approaches, a participatory information system (PIS) will be built in which the multi- and inter-disciplinary scientific and technological knowledge with indigenous experiences have been integrating and spatializing.
The project will point out three districts of the three provinces as pilot research sites. The communes in each district are selected for more detailed studies and sociological surveys (at village level) on the basis of representativeness for coastal and lowland areas (CLLA) in terms of combination of livelihoods, WD impacts and coping strategies. These sites can be representative the bio-physical and socio-economic contexts of CLLA of NHQ. Series of GIS-based quantitative maps/tables of CC scenarios and ECEs change, water related disaster induced by CC, vulnerability and other socio-economic conditions, including the indigenous knowledge integrations, will be constructed and analysed. Participatory mechanism/working model helps the project to ensure that the process of collecting data, mapping, analysing, PIS- designing, database and tools is consistency


Project Completion Report:

The obtained results fully reflect the project objectives and outputs. The project had successfully set up an interdisciplinary research team in terms of climate change (CC) induced water disaster issues in NHQ. The implication of multi-stakeholder approach has mobilized many natural and social scientists who have been working closely with the local people in the studied areas. The project results have considerably contributed to reveal the overall picture of CC and its impacts in Vietnam. The working model that has been built is recommended to be replicable in reality. Human resources development is an important outcome when young Vietnamese researches have been strongly involved in implementing the project and closely cooperating with Danish researchers. The developed PIS now can be used as an efficient tool for vulnerability reduction to CC at the different levels. The high number (21) of the published scientific papers should be considered as a highlight achievement of the project.

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