Ground Water Development and Sustainable Agriculture

Project summary

This project will strengthen research capacity in Ghana on hydrogeological research and develop an improved understanding of the groundwater resources in the White Volta Basin in Northern Ghana. A groundwater flow model will be developed to support quantitative assessments of the variations in groundwater budgets and the sustainability of groundwater resources development for large scale irrigation. The project will largely use historical data available with the local stakeholders in the area. Airborne geophysical data, collected during the extensive EU Mining Sector Support Program for the Voltaian Basin, will be utilized. The project will comprise close collaboration between research groups in Ghana and Denmark utilizing the respective strong expertise of each group such as: i) Danish researchers expertise on processing and inversion of airborne electromagnetic data for geological characterization and use in geological modelling and national scale groundwater modelling and studies of climate change impacts on groundwater, and ii) Ghanaian researcher expertise on the local geology, hydrogeology, and field investigations.

Moreover, the project will include training of Ghanaian PhD students who will carry out part of the project work as part of their training. The results of these investigations, and the stakeholder involvement in scenario development, will culminate in participatory integrated assessment of piloted cost-effective, sustainable and resilient irrigation scheme which involves the application of groundwater resources in the area.


Midterm report :

Progress made:

1. 4 PhD students are being trained by the project; 3 have submitted their theses and have now passed their respective vivas; the fourth will submit by the end of October 2020. A stable isotope analyzer, a field monitoring station, and field pickup have been procured to boost research capacity.
2. This is an ongoing process and the project teams from the north and south have developed other projects, although we have not been able to win additional grants yet
3. The project has demonstrated the use of airborne geophysical data for geological modeling in part of the White Volta Basin. A PhD student has been trained in this area
4. Another PhD student on the project has developed a 3D transient hydrogeological model for the Nasia Basin
5. The project is in the process of demonstrating the possible use of groundwater for irrigation
6. The project has not yet made any contributions to national policy on water resources
7. Some of the project’s results have provided further insights on the stratigraphy of the Voltaian

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