Mobility grant of Mr Dhanamjayulu Chittatooru


Start date: 30 September, 2019 End date: 29 June, 2020 Project type: Mobility Grant project Project code: 19-MG06AAU Countries: India Thematic areas: Energy, Lead institution: Aalborg University (AAU), Department of Energy Technology, Denmark Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT), India Project coordinator: Sanjeevikumar Padmanaban Total grant: 165,020 DKK Project files:

Project summary

Power system architectures in future are Microgrids (MGs), by encapsulated benefits of clear economic and environmental benefits compared to expansion of our legacy modern power systems. Research and Development extensive efforts in progress, especially in Europe, USA, India, Japan, and Canada. Thereby, to provide efficient solutions and to demonstrate MG operating concepts in laboratories and in pilot installations.

The primary objective this project to investigate the performance of the MG with improved power quality. Although MG are solution towards integrating renewable energy sources in a distributed generation system, still better utilization of the MG is a great concern. To resolve this issue, new MG architecture integrated with multilevel inverter based on active power filter will be designed. The visiting research planned to synthesis the power quality control for the MG; it is achieved by using active power filters, which is connected parallel to the distribution generation (DG). Thus ensuring better utilization of the renewable sources. Infect, both positive- and negative-sequence components are controlled to compensate the effects caused by the unbalanced utility grid voltages. This proposal will carry out further, the shunt inverter is controlled to ensure balanced voltages within the MG and to regulate power dispatches among parallel-connected DG system.


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