Mobility grant of Mr Samson O. Masebinu


Start date: 31 August, 2019 End date: 30 May, 2020 Project type: Mobility Grant project Project code: 19-MG04AAU Countries: South Africa Thematic areas: Energy, Lead institution: Aalborg University (AAU), Department of Energy Technology, Denmark University of Johannesburg (UJ), South Africa Project coordinator: Sanjeevikumar Padmanaban Total grant: 163,680 DKK Project files:

Project summary

Formulation of the electricity pricing structure of student residence. Formulation of student residence characteristics and electricity consumption pattern. Investigate to identify possible energy efficiency strategies to reduce electricity per unit consumption. Modelling and numerical simulation of student residence electricity consumption based on information from analytical real data’s. Investigate optimal combination of stand-alone and grid tied with or without energy storage system. Keep all possible important consideration of econometric indicators such as net present cost, annualised cost, payback period and internal rate of return. In all investigation cases, will carry out with theoretical predictions and followed by validation in advanced real time numerical simulation software (RT) Typhoon Hardware in Loop.

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