k + Channels as “drugs targets” in plasmodium falciparum


Start date: 31 December, 2004 End date: 19 November, 2009 Project type: Smaller projects: PhD Project code: 905-KU Countries: Thematic areas: Health, Lead institution: University of Copenhagen (UCPH), Denmark Project coordinator: Christina Høier Ricke Total grant: 1,141,366 DKK

Project summary


1) To identify and clone K+ channels encoded in the P. falciparum genome,

2) To assess the K+ channels level of expression and visualize their cellular localization in the infected erythrocytes,

3) To perform a thorough functional analysis of the parasite-encoded K+ channels expressed in a suitable heterologous model-system,

4) To perform an extensive pharmacological screening of the cloned channel to identify suitable inhibitors, and

5) To provide "proof-of-concpet" that inhibitors of P. falciparum K+ channels can suppress parasite-growth.

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