Development of Enterprise in Solar Drying of Fruits and Vegetables for Employment Creation


Start date: 31 December, 2008 End date: 30 July, 2013 Project type: Pilot research cooperation projects (prior to 2013) Project code: P9-08-TAN Countries: Tanzania Thematic areas: Agricultural production, Lead institution: Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA), Tanzania Partner institutions: Aalborg University (AAU), Denmark Policy Brief: Policy Brief Project coordinator: Anna Andrew Temu Total grant: 3,091,000 DKK Project files:

Project summary

Enterprise development in food processing with support from science base in food science and technology, nutrition and business management. Overall objective is to fill the knowledge gap on how to develop successful entrepreneurs in the food chain in developing countries. The methods used is that of action research. Small enterprise of solar drying of fruits and vegetables will be designed and a processing centre established. Short-term training in business management, food technology and food science will be undertaken. Training at PhD and MSc levels will be supported to improve capacity at SUA and AAU. The project will be managed by a Project Coordination Committee . Dissemination will be through articles in scientific journals, working papers, policy briefs, and participation in trade fairs


Project Completion Report - Summary:

The project managed to identify appropriate drying technologies for fruit, vegetable, spices, root and tubers. it established a practical training ans research centre for food drying, product development ans semi-commercial centre that can be used for training, commercial production as well as experiements necessary for the developemt of the industry. The project have become a centre for improving capacity for action research and testing models of technology transfer in agribusiness sector including naturing entrepreneurs to enterprise development in Tanzanian agricultural and agribusiness sector. The rocessing center houses Sokoine University Graduate Entrepreneurs cooperative (SUGECO) which is likely to be the stimulus to engagement of youth in agriculture and agribusiness sectors and private sector develeopment in the country.


Commercial processing experiements have introduce good quality products including dried mango, pineapple, banana, rosale, ginger, cinnamon lemongrass, dried and frozen cassava leaves, dried sweet potatoe leaves, pumpkin and tomato powder; also it has accommodated various products made from orange flesh sweet potato and cassava. The need to establish favourable linkages for production of raw materials necessitatet starting demo gardens around the processing plant.

The project has open up avenue to undertake research for the purpose of supporting the growing industry in the country through provision of services to companies that needed research data.

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