Increasing the Productivity of Ghanian Aquaculture

Project summary

Project Summary

Aquaculture continues to be an important sector in the Ghanaian economic development agenda. Increased aquaculture production is the government’s strategy to bridge the 500,000 tonne fish deficit currently met through imports (over US$ 200 million annually). Recent production estimates show that only half of the 2018 production target was achieved (MFAD, 2017) and growth in the industry has largely come from the culture of tilapia on the Volta Lake. Aquaculture productivity in semi-intensive ponds remains low at 2.0t/ha annually compared to 5.0t/ha in similar systems in Asia. In spite of the growth seen over the last decade, development of the sector is hampered by three main factors: 1. High feed costs due to reliance on imported fishmeal and fish oil in aquaculture feed; 2. Poor water quality and low quality of fingerlings; 3. Lack of aquaculture species diversification (tilapia production accounts for >80%).


First year report

Ingredients for feed analyzed for nutritional profile; popcorn as floating agent has been prepared in 3 particle sizes (300, 600, 1200µm) and used to prepare 15 diets at inclusions (0, 2.5, 5, 7.5 and 10%).
Diets being screened for physical characteristics after which best 3 diets will be selected for digestibility and growth trials with tilapia; first experiment on the effect of water quality in fed and unfed tilapia ponds in the rainy season completed (Sep-Nov. 2019); second experiment (dry season trial underway (Feb-Apr, 2020).
A captive population of H. niloticus established in a pond on KNUST campus;2 PhDs enrolled at KNUST currently taking courses; PhDs will start their study stays in DK this year; increased tilapia production in Ghana towards the 100,000t target, currently production is 52,000t;lower contribution of feed to the cost of tilapia production in Ghana (lower than 70%); Lower price of tilapia at the farmgate and retail markets;higher consumption of tilapia due to lower retail prices

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