Enhancing Productivity, Market Access and Income of Small Farming Businesses in Tanzania: Potentials and Limitations in Contract Farming

Project summary

The project portfolio for phase 2 consists of three separate sub-projects that all are nourished by research findings from phase 1. The three sub-projects are tied together by emerging or changing contractual systems, the overarching issue examined in four different agro-industrial value chains during phase 1 of the POLICOFA project. The projects are theoretically and methodologically based in the original framework of the (global) value chain approach and econometric analyses with the ambition to combine qualitative and quantitative methods in the empirical studies. The objective of this ambition is twofold: firstly to develop new methodologies based on sequential and mutually supportive application of different methods and techniques, and secondly to increase the analytical capabilities of the involved researchers – not least among the junior staff and PhD students – and thereby also strengthening the institutional capacity.


Midterm report 2016

As indicated in the project status above, during 2015 the main focus was on capacity building for PhD students, proposal development and conduct of field surveys for all three sub-projects.

For Objective 1 and Output 1, data for baseline survey are being analysed, the Pilot intervention has been successful undertaken and the results and outcome will be known after the post-intervention survey is conducted and analysed in September 2016. Two studies, one of partnership and subcontracting and another on upgrading were initiated with the support of the two MSc projects for objective 2 and Output 2. The emerging results will be known after data analysis (currently going on).

A similar picture prevail for Objective 3 and Output 3 and Objective 5 and Output 5, where field surveys were completed in November and data was planned for analysis in January - March, 2016 while the PhD students were in Denmark.

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