Oral health in HIV/AIDS – strengthening the prevention of HIV/AIDS in Africa


Start date: 31 August, 2007 End date: 31 August, 2010 Project type: Larger strategic projects (prior to 2013) Project code: 917-KU Countries: Burkina Faso Tanzania Thematic areas: Health, Lead institution: University of Copenhagen (UCPH), Denmark Partner institutions: School of Dentistry (MUCHS), Tanzania Research Centre Muraz (MOH), Burkina Faso Project coordinator: Poul Erik Petersen Total grant: 4,032,348 DKK

Project summary

The aim of this project is to analyse the "double burden" of oral disease in children/orphans and adults in Tanzania and Burkina Faso, as related to HIV/AIDS. Moreover, the project will highlight the potential role of schoolteachers and oral health systems for integrated prevention and promotion of quality of life of communities affected. A multicentre cross-sectional study of children and adults in conducted in the two countries whereby data on the clinical oral disease and oral manifestations of HIV/AIDS are recorded and compared to the situation in the background population. Oral health behaviour, knowledge, attitudes and use/coverage of oral health care, and quality of life measures are investigated based on systematic interviews. The studies comprise 2800 participants in each country and the local research teams are trained in research which will build capacity for oral health research, oral health systems capacity and strengthening of prevention of HIV/AIDS in disadvantaged people. Systematic data on capacity of schoolteachers (2 x 350 teachers) in oral health promotion are collected through structured questionnaires and qualitative data are collected on public health initiatives and programmes for oral health and HIV/AIDS prevention in the two countries. The project is based on operational research aiming at immediate use of results for public health action and special initiatives for translation of research experience in the countries and Africa are made

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