Mobility Grant of Mr Sri Harjanto


Start date: 15 June, 2019 End date: 15 March, 2020 Project type: Mobility Grant project Project code: 19-MG02SDU Countries: Indonesia Thematic areas: Waste management, Lead institution: University of Southern Denmark (SDU), Denmark Partner institutions: Universitas Indonesia (UI), Indonesia Project coordinator: Shuang Ma Andersen Total grant: 199,760 DKK

Project summary

Resource efficiency and sustainability of raw materials are essential societal challenges, which draw increasing attention worldwide. All nations are strongly encouraged to move towards a greener, more resource efficient and climate-resilient economy to supporting the UN"s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the targets of the COP21 Paris Agreement.

This mobility grant will provide a unique opportunity for researchers from institutions of Indonesia and Denmark to share and intensively develop ideas to tackle the challenges. This collaboration aims to increase mutual benefit in research and development on resource recycling and recovery knowledge in both countries, especially on topic of electronic waste and precious metal recycling.


Research activities in terms of literature review, technical discussion and laboratory visits were undertaken at SDU.
Guest lecture by Prof. Sri Harjanto was held on 19 Sep. 2019
Industrial visit to COWI (Dr. Joan M. Nielsen) was implemented on 26 Sep. 2019. Discussion among resource efficiency, collaboration between industry and academia and government undertaken in Denmark.
Review paper draft with the topic “Sustainable Processing of Precious Metals Recovery from e-waste” is being written.
Research proposal about application of deep eutectic solvents as sustainable processing for precious metals study was submitted to UI research grant.

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