Monitoring and assessing the impact of vaccinations and other childhood interventions for both boys and girls

  Background: Both observational studies and randomised trials (RCT) have documented that vaccines and micronutrients have non-specific effects (NSE) on child mortality. These effects may be even more important than the spec ... Project Completion Report We managed to conduct the local research training and to national researchers qualified at the PhD or post-doc levels.

Though with some delays (due to factors outside our control) we also managed to su ...

The influence of HLA-types on disease progression among HIV-2 infected patients in Guinea-Bissau

Artikel resumé: Baggrund : HIV-2 findes primært i Vestafrika, og er karakteriseret ved lavere smitterisiko end HIV-1, grundet lavere virusmængde i blodet. Udviklingen til AIDS sker typisk langsommere ...

Prevalence and Clinical Characteristics of CMV co-infection among HIV Infected Individuals in Guinea-Bissau: A Cross Sectional Study

Abstract: BACKGROUND: Cytomegalovirus (CMV) may cause end-organ diseases (EOD) in severely immunocompromised individuals, and figures as an AIDS defining condition in HIV infected individuals. Evidence from high-income countries suggests that C ...

Long-term community studies to evaluate and improve primary health care programmes in Guinea-Bissau

Strengthening research capacity in Guinea-Bissau by completing 5 initiated PhDs
and 2 new post-doc, 2 PhD and 2 MSc studies and conducting trials to optimise
health interventions. Studies deal with control and treatment of malaria, mea ... Project Completion Report: During the ENRECA-III phase five (5) Guinean have defended their theses and the thesis of the last candidate has had her thesis accepted for defence. The Danish trained PhD students in Bissau have become the backbon ...
2006-12-31 to 2012-12-30 Guinea-Bissau Statens Serum Institut (SSI), Denmark, Total grant: 12,939,627 DKK
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