Mobility Grant of Ms Mamata Mohapatra

The aim of the research collaborations is to develop synergistic energy materials applicable to scalable renewable energy storage technology from secondary sources such as spent lithium ion battery. The crucial ingredients of lithium-ion batteries, ... The initiative of the collaboration results the development of a novel process involving VOC-assisted leaching developed for recovering Cobalt based energy materials from spent lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) with comprehensive characterization using A ...

Nepal on the move: Conflict, migration and stability

Migration within Nepal, to India and to join the British army have been practiced for generations. However, flows of migration have intensified during the decade of armed conflict. Migrant destinations such as the Gulf countries, Europe, North Ameri ... Project completion report: The project has contributed substantial new knowledge on a range of migration patterns and practices and their societal implications for the development of Nepalese society. This pertains to both internal migration ...

Monitoring and assessing the impact of vaccinations and other childhood interventions for both boys and girls

  Background: Both observational studies and randomised trials (RCT) have documented that vaccines and micronutrients have non-specific effects (NSE) on child mortality. These effects may be even more important than the spec ... Project Completion Report We managed to conduct the local research training and to national researchers qualified at the PhD or post-doc levels.

Though with some delays (due to factors outside our control) we also managed to su ...

“How to live with both of these?” A study of challenges and opportunities for health and health care in tuberculosis/diabetes co-morbidity in three districts of Karnataka, India

Like many other low- and middle-income countries, India is fighting a double burden of communicable and non-communicable diseases, creating special challenges for the already overburdened health system. A deep pro ...
2012-05-19 to 2012-07-15 India University of Copenhagen (UCPH), Denmark, Total grant: 15,000 DKK
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