Birth weight in Rural Guinea-Bissau. Does maternal BCG scarification affect birth weight?

Start date: 16 February, 2017 End date: 13 January, 2018 Project type: Master's Thesis (prior to 2018) Project code: A31295 Countries: Guinea-Bissau Grant recipient: Alexander Dahl Stjernholm Total grant: 33,256 DKK



The Bacillus Calmette-Guérin (BCG) vaccine is associated with reduced mortality that cannot be attributed solely to the protection against tuberculosis. In a randomised trial from Denmark, among children with BCG-vaccinated mothers, BCG vaccination was associated with fewer infectious-disease hospitalisations. his suggest that maternal BCG vaccination affects the health of both mother and child. We examined if maternal BCG-scar status was associated with adverse pregnancy outcomes and the child’s birth weight.