Monitoring and assessing the impact of vaccinations and other childhood interventions for both boys and girls

Research project   Background: Both observational studies and randomised trials (RCT) have documented that vaccines and micronutrients have non-specific effects (NSE) on child mortality. These effects may be even more important than the spec ... Project Completion Report We managed to conduct the local research training and to national researchers qualified at the PhD or post-doc levels.

Though with some delays (due to factors outside our control) we also managed to su ...
Period: 2009-09-30 to 2016-12-30 Countries: Burkina Faso Ghana Guinea-Bissau India Kenya Lead institutions: INDEPTH NETWORK, Ghana National Institute of Health, Guinea-Bissau Statens Serum Institut (SSI), Denmark Project code: 09-105SSI Total grant: 10,155,000 DKK
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