Aalborg University (AAU), Denmark

Environmental sustainability of hotels on Zanzibar

Tourism is one of world’s largest economic sectors, generating 9.8% of global GDP and 284 million jobs to the global economy in 2015. However, the sector has also been criticized for operating in an unsustainable manner, impacting natural resources a ... First-year report With the increased international and national attention to the importance of the UN Sustainable Development Goals for future economy, environment, livelihoods and health, the implementation of the EnSuZa project is considered v ...

Green and Flexible District Heating/Cooling in Turkey

This project will lay the foundation for a future bottom-up energy system based on renewables, communities (from building-level up to cities and beyond), and flexibility providing better user motivation/engagement, stability, and transition to susta ...

Building Stronger Universities III – KNUST

Thematic focus areas: 1. Climate-Smart Agriculture and Environmental Management
2. Innovation and Entrepreneurship
3. Health Delivery Systems
4. University-wide Research Support Services and Facilities

Health, safety and productivity in garment in Bangladesh

The project creates new and exploratory knowledge about sustainable co-development between occupational health and safety (OHS) and productivity in the readymade garment (RMG) industry in Bangladesh. The objective will be reached by studying the cha ... Midterm report 2018: Outputs achieved:
- Baseline study for 51 garment companies completed and most follow up visits completed.
- Intervention in 12 companies completed
- The PhDs have presented papers at five scientific ...

Innovation and Renewable Electrification in Kenya (IREK)

As the global climate change regime moves ahead towards 2020, there will be increasing investments related to climate change mitigation and adaptation in poor countries. Ensuring that the most adequate technologies are selected and that they are dif ... Midterm report 2017: Emerging results: 1) The IREK policy analysis and stakeholder survey shows limited attention to renewables and capability development in the field. 2) Our disaggregated approach to the analysis of solar and wind ...
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