Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), Water Research Institute, Ghana

Building climate-resilience into basin water management

Research project Anthropogenic activities including illegal and uncontrolled mining and logging have seriously degraded the landscapes of many river basins in West Africa posing significant challenges to sustainable water resources management (WRM). Climate change (C ... First-year report: The project has started reviewing past work on climate analysis, hydrology, groundwater, land-use/-cover, economic valuation of ecosystem services, water resources governance and climate change policies in Ghana, with special foc ...
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Ground Water Development and Sustainable Agriculture

Research project This project will strengthen research capacity in Ghana on hydrogeological research and develop an improved understanding of the groundwater resources in the White Volta Basin in Northern Ghana. A groundwater flow model will be developed to support q ... Midterm report : Progress made: 1. 4 PhD students are being trained by the project; 3 have submitted their theses and have now passed their respective vivas; the fourth will submit by the end of October 2020. A stable isotope analyzer, a fie ...
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Seaweed Biorefinery in Ghana – SeaBioGha

Research project The project will establish cultivation of seaweed along Ghana’s 540 km of coastline and establishing relevant technology, develop local know-how and new business opportunities for seaweed cultivation (i.e. farming) and processing of seaweed products ... Project completion report: Different types (defined species) of red and brown types of Ghanaian seaweeds have been found to hold highly functional and hence valuable hydrocolloids with reological properties on par or better than the equivalent com ...
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