Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM), Indonesia

Governing Green Transition: Barriers and Enablers of Power Sector Reform in Indonesia

Research project Indonesia has committed to combatting climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, yet impact far from matches intent. The power sector is overwhelmingly coal dependent with very little progress in renewable energy (RE) uptake. Studies identi ...
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Market-driven Multi-Energy Operational Planning in Indonesia – MARGIN

Research project The project "Market-driven Multi-Energy Operational Planning in Indonesia – MARGIN" will lay the foundation for future bottom-up multi-energy systems in Indonesia based on renewable energies (REs), communities and flexibility to provide better user m ... First year report Since the project's official kickoff, the team has made good progress towards achieving the three main objectives of the project namely developing practical short- and long-term strategic energy plans, practical energy market sch ...
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HVDC GREEN: HVDC GRid for intErconnEcting Nusantara

Research project Indonesia electricity demand is to increase 76% in the next 10 years. As of today, the majority of electricity consumption is in Java, where the majority of people (56%) and industry locates. Currently, 69.5% of the energy in Java already comes from ... Midterm report A strong Indonesian grid over a large geographic area is required to integrate wind, solar and other renewable energy sources. HVDC links would allow transmitting carbon-neutral power from islands where its generation is more effici ...
Period: 2021-09-1 to 2025-10-31 Countries: Indonesia Lead institution: Aalborg University (AAU), Denmark Partner institutions: Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM), Indonesia PT PLN (Persero), Indonesia Project code: 20-M02AAU Total grant: 4,662,139 DKK
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Microgrid Technologies for Remote Indonesian Islands

Research project Tech-IN is aimed at overcoming the challenges associated with the large-scale deployment of renewable-based microgrids (MGs) in the hazardous environment of the Indonesian Islands that is prone to severe natural disasters (NDs). Tech-IN’s goal is two ... Midterm report WP2 is completed where three milestones and three deliverables are achieved. Three journal and one conference papers are accepted. The outcomes of the WP2 are as follows: 1) Sizing and siting of community MGs are completed by con ...
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