Hawassa University (HU), Ethiopia

Large-Scale Integration of Wind Power Generation in Ethiopia – LastWind

Research project All commitments are on the condition of the Danish Parliament’s approval of adequate funds for development research in the upcoming 2023 Finance Bill. Final grant amount TBA. Ethiopia has a large renewable energy generation potential based up ...
Period: 2023-03-1 to 2025-02-28 Countries: Ethiopia Lead institution: Aalborg University (AAU), Denmark Partner institutions: Hawassa University (HU), Ethiopia Debre Berhan University (DBU), Ethiopia Project code: 23-M01-AAU
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Renewable Energy based Minigrid Clusters in Ethiopia-REMCE

Research project According to recent studies, around 55% of 110 million inhabitants of Ethiopia (especially in rural areas) have no access to electricity. In addition, the electrified regions of the country, which are mainly based on hydroelectric power plants, are s ... First year report The Ethiopian grid code requirements for the integration of renewable power plants (RPPs) at the distribution level have been studied in detail. The requirements for the voltage and frequency response as well as the active and re ...
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