Safety and health and audit practices in Bangladesh

The fast industrial development from a low income to a middle-income country such as Bangladesh carries a risk for safety and health of the workers, which may also jeopardise the economic development. Occupational safety and health (OSH) is therefore ...

The Regulation of International Supply Chains (RISC)

RISC will investigate the regulation of International Supply Chains in the Bangladesh (BD) Ready-Made Garment (RMG) industry with respect to Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) and wider social sustainability. Whilst a multitude of regulatory ini ...

Health, safety and productivity in garment in Bangladesh

The project creates new and exploratory knowledge about sustainable co-development between occupational health and safety (OHS) and productivity in the readymade garment (RMG) industry in Bangladesh. The objective will be reached by studying the cha ... Midterm report 2018: Outputs achieved:
- Baseline study for 51 garment companies completed and most follow up visits completed.
- Intervention in 12 companies completed
- The PhDs have presented papers at five scientific ...

Upgrading pangas and tilapia value chains in Bangladesh

Growth in aquaculture is important because it can help alleviate poverty by providing food and creating jobs in Bangladesh. The purpose is to promote green growth in freshwater pangas/tilapia aquaculture by providing knowledge on how to improve wate ... Extra midterm report 2018: Objectives: The project has created multi-faceted knowledge of water quality, best farm management practice and value chain functioning in many dimensions, revealed by the different ref articles. More knowledge ...

Combating Cholera Caused by Climate Change in Bangladesh

Bangladesh (Bg) is one of the most hazard prone countries in the world and is expected to be one of the worst affected by Climate Change (CC). Every year, extreme weather events such as flooding, droughts and cyclones have devastating effects, also ... Midterm report 2016: The study has not found the connection between climate change and cholera and will most likely not do so.

But the C5 study has opened the cholera research field in a new direction by focusing on the househo ...

The Politics Within Politics: The Fear of Loss and Hope of Gains at Dhaka University

This project explores how governance, politics and authority operate in present day Bangladesh. The project centres on the sites of incubation of political leaders and state servants - the youth in student politics. The aim is to explore the interpl ... Project Completion Report: The research show that political motivated violence is engrained jn party politics and that this violence and the threat of violence is constitutive for the operation of organized recruitment and mobilization of you ...
2008-08-31 to 2013-06-30 Bangladesh DIGNITY - Danish Institute Against Torture, Denmark, Total grant: 401,186 DKK
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