Successful African Firms and Institutional Change (SAFIC)

Research project The project investigates how and why African firms are able to be successful in changing business and institutional environments. The project will identify strategies that lead to sustained firm performance and seek to explain these firms’ success b ... Project Completion Report: Knowledge: The project has enhanced the understanding of economic growth and employment through new knowledge on firm development in the African private sector in Tanzania, Kenya and Zambia. The project has influenc ...
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Climate Change and Rural Institutions

Research project The research will investigate how district level government, agencies responsible for managing natural resources, agricultural advisory services and farmer organisations in Africa and Asia are responding to climate change. Such "meso-level" organisa ... Project Completion Report: The project had two overall objectives to:

1. Provide national and international decision-makers with evidence-based analyses of the meso-level implications of pro-poor climate change adaptation polic ...
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Masculinity, sexuality and HIV/AIDS in Zambian prisons

Research project The spread of HIV/AIDS is deeply embedded in socio-economic realities of poverty and inequality. This research aims to shed light on experiences of incarcerated men, a group who are routinely overlooked in prevention efforts and yet are extremely vu ... Project Completion Report:   Research question:
How do incarcerated men survive imprisonment psychologically and socially, and how do sexual relations play into this struggle for survival?

 3 working quest ...
Period: 2010-03-31 to 2015-05-30 Countries: Zambia Lead institutions: Danish Institute Against Torture (DIGNITY), Denmark Roskilde University (RUC), Denmark Roskilde University (RUC), Department of Society and Globalisation, Denmark Project code: 09-032RUC Total grant: 2,779,864 DKK
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Operational research to support and enhance lymphatic filariasis control efforts in Eastern and Southern Africa

Research project Lymphatic filariasis (LF) is a disabling disease resulting from a mosquito-transmitted parasitic infection. It is one of the most prevalent of the Neglected Tropical Diseases, primarly a disease of the poor, and has recently been recognized by the W ... Completion Report - Summary: The project aimed to support LF control efforts in Zambia and Tanzania, through operational research and capacity building. Activities within the four work-packages started in 2010, with locally registered PhD and Mast ...
Period: 2009-12-31 to 2015-01-31 Countries: Tanzania Zambia Lead institution: University of Copenhagen (UCPH), Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, Denmark Partner institutions: University of Copenhagen (UCPH), Denmark University of Zambia (UNZA), School of Veterinary Medicine, Zambia Project code: 09-096LIFE Total grant: 10,289,993 DKK
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Youth and employment: the role of entrepreneurship in African economies (YEMP)

Research project Lack of employment opportunities for young people is directly hindering development in sub-Saharan African countries. Entrepreneurship is increasingly considered to be important for economic growth but little is known about how best to support youth ... Project Completion Report - Summary:
The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) studies, which build on a large quantitive data set, have revealed how Ghana, Uganda and Zambia have some of the highest entrepreneurship rates in the world but ...
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Retail Expansion in Zambia: Implications for the Fruit and Vegetable Processing Secter

Master thesis Abstract: The recent expansion of retailers into Africa does not only spur changes in the local food market but also offers a possible outlet for locally manufactured food products. Zambia is one of the countries in Southern Africa that has ...
Period: 2013-06-19 to 2013-07-30 Countries: Zambia Lead institutions: Copenhagen Business School (CBS), Denmark Grant recipient: Janni Raudahl Project code: A22527 Total grant: 30,000 DKK
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Closing the gap – integrating forest research outcomes in nominal forest policy formation

Research project The overall objective of this PhD project is to contribute to a better understanding of the science- policy interface in developing countries by investigating the contemporary role of forestry research outcomes in nominal forest policy formation.
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Real-time hydro-economic modeling for water resources management in the Zambezi River Basin

Research project The Zambezi River basin is the largest river basin in Southern Africa and it is one of the main water resources in the continent providing water for human consumption, irrigation of crops as well as hydropower and is shared between eight countries i ... Project Completion Report: Hydrological models are representations of the hydrologic cycle and are used to estimate river discharge based on meteorological inputs. They are widely used for varied applications including reservoir management, f ...
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