Alfa Laval Corporate AB, Sweden

Widespread use of geothermal energy in East Africa

Research project The project aims at providing the scientific, technological and policy basis required for the widespread utilization of geothermal resources in East Africa. We will provide the basis to evaluate the potential of low- and medium-temperature geothermal ...
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Clean Shipping on Green Fuel

Research project This pilot project will be a big move towards the use of Dimethyl ether (DME) as a competitive and clean fuel alternative for the marine sector. Upcoming regulation of SOx, NOx, CO2 and the focus on soot emissions from the marine fleet is a challenge ... Midterm report A high-pressure common-rail injections system for DME has been designed, built and initial injection tests in a cold chamber has started. This injection system enable use of mixtures of DME with LPG and ammonia. The hot chamber is o ...
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