South Africa

Pathways to water resilient South African cities

Research project This project aims to identify opportunities for supporting the integration of Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) as nature-based solutions (NBS) for increased water supply and water quality within the urban water system as part of a broader transit ...
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Enhancing Sustainable Groundwater Use in South Africa

Research project Groundwater is an increasingly important source of water supply for agriculture, households, and industry. With population growth and increasing climate variability, this water resource plays an increasingly important role in South Africa (RSA) to e ... First-year report: (1) To improve the understanding of the hydrogeological conditions in typical geological settings and farming communities in SA, exemplified by the Hout/Sand river catchment in Limpopo Province.
(2) To develop an int ...
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Evaluation of Resource recovery Alternatives in South African water (ERASE)

Research project Resource recovery from wastewater is a rapidly emerging research area, promoting the development of several technologies that hold the promise to increase the sustainability of process operation in water treatment systems. Different types of organic ...
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Socio-economic Benefits of Ecological Infrastructure

Research project The overall objective is to develop an evidence-based integrated framework and prototype “investment case” for strengthening water-related Ecological Infrastructure (EI). The project will generate new knowledge by combining livelihoods and value cha ... First-year report: The project is on track (in terms of anticipated milestones and outputs) with some WP’s experiencing slight delays and others being ahead of schedule. The delays are primarily due to the challenges in filling one of the pos ...
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Tendering Sustainable Energy Transitions (TENTRANS)

Research project The overall objective of the project is to contribute to a transition toward sustainability in the energy sector of emerging economies, including sustainable development of local communities and local industries. The project will analyse the develop ... First-year report The TENTRANS project aims at understanding the development impacts of RE tendering schemes, and at providing input to improved policies and inclusive implementation by private sector actors. After one year, researchers in al ...
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Mobility grant of Mr Samson O. Masebinu

Research project Formulation of the electricity pricing structure of student residence. Formulation of student residence characteristics and electricity consumption pattern. Investigate to identify possible energy efficiency strategies to reduce electricity per unit ...
Period: 2019-08-31 to 2020-05-30 Countries: South Africa Lead institutions: Aalborg University (AAU), Department of Energy Technology, Denmark University of Johannesburg (UJ), South Africa Project code: 19-MG04AAU Total grant: 163,680 DKK
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Mobility Grant of Ms Amber Abrams

Research project The Heritage and the Anthropocene (HATA) project was conceived largely in response to the Cape Town water crisis. Pressing issues HATA will research include: people’s relationships to place and history when the environment no longer reliably provide ...
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Mobility Grant project of Ms Jessica Chamier

Research project Project Title: Recycling of Fuel Cell Waste. Globally the implementation of Hydrogen fuel cell (FC) technologies is increasing. FC may have lifetimes of up to 10 years, the limiter is the platinum group metal (PGM) containing membrane electro ... The project resulted in multiple communication outputs, including:
1. R. Sharma, Y. Wang, F. Li, J. Chamier, S. M. Andersen. ACS Omega 2019
2. R. Sharma, Y. Wang, F. Li, J. Chamier, S ...
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