South African Wind Energy Association (SAWEA), South Africa

Tendering Sustainable Energy Transitions (TENTRANS)

Research project The overall objective of the project is to contribute to a transition toward sustainability in the energy sector of emerging economies, including sustainable development of local communities and local industries. The project will analyse the developm ... Midterm report The TENTRANS project aims at understanding the development impacts of RE tendering schemes, and at providing input to improved policies and inclusive implementation by private sector actors. After two years, researchers in all WPs a ...
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Research-based management of Gulf of Guinea

Research project Coastal marine ecosystems worldwide are threatened by multiple human-induced stressors, ranging from global stressors to local pollution, habitat loss and over-exploitation of resources, and resulting in fast degradation of coastal ecosystems and the ... Midterm report 2019 The results include an estimation of the main sources and concentrations of pollutants (Appendix 2c) and an estimation of the single and combined effects of selected contaminants. In October 2018, the effects of oil, heavy meta ...
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