Odense University Hospital (OUH), Denmark

Post-conflict primary health care

Research project Primary health care (PHC) often assumes a stable population.  However, in conflict and post-conflict conditions, mobility poses an even more pronounced issue for PHC. In northern Uganda the population was exposed to forced urbanization into IDP camps ... Midterm Report 2015 PhD fellows who participated in post graduate courses now have the capacity to conduct credible research and are also able to conduct similar trainings and supervise other upcoming researchers. Training of Health workers h ...
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Improving efficacy and safety of TB and HIV treatment by nutritional supplementation

Research project The two infectious diseases: Tuberculosis (TB) and HIV are closely linked with crowding, poverty and under-nutrition. The severe wasting seen with both diseases, and more so if co-infecting patients, may affect the absorption of drugs and conversion ... Completion Report - Summary: The prognosis of HIV-infected patients has improved dramatically in recent years but mortality remains high, particularly within the first few months of therapy. Malnutrition is a strong independent predictor of deat ...
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