Danish Technical University (DTU), Aarhus, Denmark

Climate-friendly and climate-resilient prawn farming in Bangladesh (ECOPRAWN)

Research project ECOPRAWN aims to analyze both climate change mitigation and adaptation of prawn farming in Bangladesh and thereby meet the theme “Sustainable development and climate change”. Mitigation is implemented by introduction of Integrated Multi Trophic Aquac ... First year report After one year, ECOPRAWN follows the plan studying climate-friendly and climate-resilient prawn farming in Bangladesh. 7 of 8 PhD students are hired and work on their PhD. Of these, 43 are enrolled in double PhD degrees, 1 in sin ...
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Sustainable large-scale energy storage in Egypt

Research project The increased penetration of fluctuating renewable energy sources, including primarily wind and solar energy, causes imbalance between supply and demand of energy, reduced capacity margins and congestion of electricity networks. One of the more promi ... First year report From administrational perspective, a project website and a data management plan were created. In addition, a communication and engagement plan was developed, and a steering committee was formed. As far as dissemination is concern ...
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FREE – Forecasting RenewFREE – Forecasting Renewable Energy in Egyptable Energy in Egypt

Research project There is a trend in Egypt and the world towards increased reliance on renewable energy sources. These energy sources are less taxing on the environment and have a minimal effect on global warming compared to traditional hydrocarbon-based energy sourc ...
Period: 2022-07-1 to 2025-05-31 Countries: Egypt Lead institution: Technical University of Denmark (DTU), Denmark Partner institutions: Enfor A/S, Denmark Cairo University (CU), Egypt Project code: 21-M09-DTU Total grant: 4,993,180 DKK
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Towards a just energy transition in Indonesia (JUSTIN)

Research project The overall objective of the project is to contribute to promote a just transition in the energy sector of emerging economies, including sustainable development of local communities and local industries. This in turn will contribute to a cleaner envi ...  
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Building Stronger Universities II – KCMUC

Research project Overall objective: Kilimanjaro Christian Medical University College (KCMUCo) undertakes highly relevant high quality research which is actively disseminated and shared with key stakeholders and which enhances quality of graduate and postgraduate ...
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The effect of Temperature on Biofilter Nitrification Performance in Recirculating Aquaculture Systems

Research project Temperature is considered on the main factors affecting biofilter nitrification in recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS). Previous studies confirm the positive impact of temperature on ammonia removal while others reports nil/or negligible effects. ...
Period: 2015-07-31 Countries: Tanzania Lead institution: Technical University of Denmark (DTU), Denmark Project code: mge13-1K2 BSU
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Research initiative on Avian Influenza in Bangladesh and Vietnam

Research project The aim of the initiative is to enable the formulation of a larger strategic research cum research capacity building project based on thorough needs assessment. Vietnam was one of the first countries (2003) in Asia to be hit by avian influe ...
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