About the Danida Research Portal

The Danish development and humanitarian strategy ”The World 2030” adopted in January 2017 prioritises increased strategic engagement in international cooperation based on demand for Danish knowledge, experience, and technology in the creation of sustainable solutions to enhance sustainable growth under prioritised Sustainable Development Goals.

The strategy also envisages that Danish research results are used to contribute to new solutions with new knowledge and new approaches to increase the countries’ capacity for creating and applying new knowledge themselves. As a contribution to meet these targets effectively, this online portal of Danida supported development research projects was developed by the Danish Development Research Network (DDRN) in cooperation with Danida Fellowship Centre (DFC), CABI and the Nordic Institute of Asian Studies (NIAS).

The portal can be used by researchers in Denmark and abroad, and by government ministries, embassies, NGOs, donors, journalists, consultants, and advisers who need easy access to information about Danish supported research projects in specific countries/themes. The portal can also be used by the general public in order to learn more about the results of public spending on development research in Denmark.

The portal was launched in July 2011 and updated in September 2018. It contains details of all projects that were funded after January 2008 as well as a limited number of older projects, subject to availability of data. Maintenance and update of the portal is the responsibility of DFC, based on information provided by research project participants.

Any comments or questions should be directed to DFC at research@dfcentre.dk