Nelson Mandela African Institute of Science and Technology (NM-AIST), Tanzania

Green Resources Innovations For Livelihood Improvement

Research project The proposed collaborative project titled “Green Resources Innovations for Livelihood Improvement (GRILI)’ will be carried out in the Eastern Arc Mountains of Tanzania and Manyara region where Synadenium glaucescens, and Commiphora swynnertonii are f ... Midterm report Among other major outputs, the project has managed to launch a National Innovation Platform “Green Resources Products Innovation Platform (GRIP)” which ensures the production and trade of GRPs is addressed in a sustainable manner. T ...
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New Partnerships for Sustainability (NEPSUS)

Research project New and more complex partnerships are emerging to address the sustainability of natural resource use in developing countries. These partnerships variously link donors, governments, community-based organizations, NGOs, business, certification agencies ... Extra midterm report: The project has progressed very well -- in 2018 the last phase of fieldwork was carried out, followed by regular data analysis and writing workshops. The first articles in international peer-reviewed journals have now been pu ...
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Innovations and Markets for Lake Victoria Fisheries (IMLAF)

Research project The proposed project titled “Innovations and Markets for Lake Victoria Fisheries” (IMLAF) will be carried out in the Lake Victoria basin of Tanzania. Its main objective is to catalyze socio-economic growth through expansion of markets for Nile perch ... Project Completion Report: 1. The project findings demonstrated existence of high level of Income inequalities between processors and traders; imperfect competitive market dominated by those who can afford the investment and operational capital; ...
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