Mental Health in Post-Conflict Colombia – Ways Ahead

Research project After the recent peace agreement in Colombia between FARC and the government, the authorities are facing the huge challenge of rebuilding communities, public services and peaceful coexistence, particularly in the areas most severely marked by the ar ... First-year report: The partners have agreed on the conceptual model directing the research, and also in which regions of Colombia the study and pilot-interventions will take place (in the departments of Bolívar, Cauca, Meta, Tolima and Putuma ...
Period: 2017-12-31 to 2021-12-30 Countries: Colombia Lead institutions: DIGNITY - Danish Institute Against Torture, Denmark Universidad Externado de Colombia, Facultad de Ciencias Sociales y Humanas Project code: 17-M02-DIG Total grant: 5,000,000 DKK
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Salmonella Control in the Colombian Pig Industry

Research project In collaboration with Danish partners, Colombia aims to raise veterinary and food safety standards in its pork industry to improve domestic public health and increase its access to pork export markets. Improvements to the regulatory framework and po ...
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Sustainable Value-Chains: Aquaponics in Colombia

Research project Aquaculture is a promising sector to support livelihoods in decades long conflict-stricken Caquetá, in the Amazonian bioregion of Southern Colombia. Currently, aquaculture takes place moderately with over 400 small-scale farmers. Conservation of wat ... First-year report Fish and plant species for aquaculture and hydroponics systems identified. Nitrogen and phosphorous excretion in relation to diet composition determined for pacu. Removal rates of aquaponics system determined. Surveys comple ...
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