Mental Health in Post-Conflict Colombia – Ways Ahead

Research project After the recent peace agreement in Colombia between FARC and the government, the authorities are facing the huge challenge of rebuilding communities, public services and peaceful coexistence, particularly in the areas most severely marked by the arm ... First-year report 1) Results, Knowledge generation: - Analyses of all project municipalities, based on national data, including a concept note for an article. - Questionnaire-based survey of approx. 6000 households was planned in April, but put ...
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Salmonella Control in the Colombian Pig Industry

Research project SalPork: finding good ways to raise food safety standards in the Colombian pork industry As an emerging economy, Colombia has seen growing production and consumption of pig meat. Today, the country produces about 400,000 tons of pork per year, mos ... First year report SalPork will quantify current Salmonella risks across the pig production chain in Colombia, identify high-risk places and practices, and identify those interventions that will reduce the overall risk to internationally accepted l ...
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Sustainable Value-Chains: Aquaponics in Colombia

Research project Aquaculture is a promising sector to support livelihoods in decades long conflict-stricken Caquetá, in the Amazonian bioregion of Southern Colombia. Currently, aquaculture takes place moderately with over 400 small-scale farmers. Conservation of wate ... Midterm report Fish and plant species for aquaculture and hydroponics systems identified. Nitrogen and phosphorous excretion in relation to diet composition determined for pacu. Removal rates of aquaponics system determined. Surveys completed, dat ...
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