Overcoming barriers to improving OHS among SMEs in Myanmar

Research project In the wake of the Rana Plaza accident the recent years have witnessed increased interests among scholars, global brands, policy-makers and NGOs in occupational health and safety (OHS) among companies in developing countries (Huq et al 2016). However ...
Period: 2020-02-1 to 2023-03-31 Countries: Myanmar Lead institution: University of Southern Denmark (SDU), Faculty of Engineering, Department of Technology and Innovation, Denmark Partner institutions: Yangon Technological University (YTU), Myanmar Aalborg University (AAU), Denmark Project code: 19-M08-SDU Total grant: 4,999,946 DKK
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Legacies of Detention in Myanmar

Research project Prisons and detention practices play a fundamental role in modern states in general, and authoritarian and post-authoritarian states, in particular. This project explores the historical and contemporary role of detention in Myanmar and its significan ... Midterm report The Denmark based team’s knowledge of Myanmar has become quite extensive as revealed through case studies and publications. A PhD based on extensive field research (“We are like water in their hands” – experiences of imprisonment in ...
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REintegration through Active Labour Market reforms

Research project Prioritizing an inclusive growth agenda, the Government of Myanmar is highlighting a well-functioning and sufficiently regulated labour market as a key element for success. It has thereforeset in motion a myriad of labour market initiatives with the ... First year report REALM is a project trying to understand of the impact of recent labour market reforms in Myanmar. It is a two pillar project with a strong capacity building component and a quantitative research component, that require access to ...
Period: 2019-01-1 to 2021-12-31 Countries: Myanmar Lead institution: University of Copenhagen (UCPH), Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Economics, Denmark Partner institutions: Centre for Economic and Social Development (CESD), Myanmar Project code: 18-M08-KU Total grant: 4,978,650 DKK
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Everyday Justice and Security in the Myanmar Transition

Research project This timely project will build research capacity and inform policy interventions by
investigating the production of locally legitimate authority in transitional contexts with contested statehood. This is analyzed through the lens of everyday ... Midterm report 2018: In-depth fieldwork on everyday justice and local authority has been carried out in 17 localities across Karen State (6 sites), Mon State (6 sites), Yangon (2 sites) and in Danu, Pa-O and Naga Self-administered Zones (3 si ...
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Transformative learning and ideas of citizenship: An ethnographic exploration of transformative education in an NGO setting in Myanmar

Master thesis Abstract:

This thesis explores the personal strategies and educational trajectories of young people living through a double transition in Yangon, Myanmar. The young generation in Myanmar is growing up in a time of change and uncerta ...
Period: 2017-07-15 to 2017-11-17 Countries: Myanmar Lead institutions: Aarhus University (AU), Danish School of Education, Denmark Grant recipient: Kirstine Lya Høj Mathiesen Project code: A31820 Total grant: 13,845 DKK
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Strengthening civil society in Myanmar – the influence of political reforms

Master thesis Abstract
After almost half a century of military rule, Myanmar is in its democratisation process gradually opening up to the outside world and re-introducing people´s right to free speech and assembly. Civil society, which was either ...
Period: 2012-10-29 to 2012-11-28 Countries: Myanmar Lead institutions: Roskilde University (RUC), Denmark Roskilde University (RUC), Department of Society and Globalisation, Denmark Grant recipient: Marie Ditlevsen Project code: A19495 Total grant: 15,000 DKK
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