Governing Green Transition: Barriers and Enablers of Power Sector Reform in Indonesia

Project summary

Indonesia has committed to combatting climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, yet impact far from matches intent. The power sector is overwhelmingly coal dependent with very little progress in renewable energy (RE) uptake. Studies identify governance as the most critical barrier.

We will apply an interdisciplinary approach to analyzing power sector multi-level governance to identify barriers and enablers of RE development, diversification of supply, and increased energy efficiency and to propose strategies for overcoming the challenges.

We will work with a strong inter-disciplinary team of Indonesian partners, constituting a coherent group with prior experiences of collaboration, located at institutions strong in sustainability-related research.

We will extend with consultative groups in Indonesia and Denmark – in Indonesia, with PLN, ministries, and one or more industry associations, think tanks, and NGOs.

We expect to be able to build on and extend experiences from the Danish Energy Agency’s ongoing project in Indonesia and create synergies with ongoing efforts by Danish universities and the embassy in Jakarta to expand collaboration in research and teaching.

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