University of Ouagadougou (OU), Burkina Faso

Emerging Epidemics: Improving Preparedness in Burkina Faso

Research project The recent Ebola outbreak in West Africa showed how rapidly an infectious disease can spread within and across borders. The overall ambition of this project is to identify key elements for a ‘smart foresighting system’ for early detection of infectio ... Midterm report The Covid-19 pandemic and the fragile security situation in Burkina Faso present challenges as well as opportunities for the "EMERGENT EPIDEMIC: Improving Preparedness in Burkina Faso" project. The challenges (travel- and fieldwork ...
Period: 2018-08-1 to 2024-12-31 Countries: Burkina Faso Lead institution: University of Copenhagen (UCPH), Denmark Partner institutions: Institut de Recherche en Sciences de la Santé (IRSS), Burkina Faso University of Ouagadougou (OU), Burkina Faso Project code: 17-06-KU Total grant: 9,997,249 DKK
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Fragile futures: Rural lives in times of conflict

Research project The West African region receives increased international attention due to its fragile security situation. Conflicts in neighbouring countries now also threaten the peace and stability in Burkina Faso. Recently, security issues have emerged in the nor ... Project completion report: ’Fragile Futures: Rural Lives in Times of Conflict’, is a five-year collaborative project between the University of Ouagadougou, Institut de Recherche en Sciences de la Santé (IRSS) and the University of Copenhagen. Th ...
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QUALITREE – research based local tree oil production

Research project Oil products from native trees in West Africa are essential for human diet, medicine and cosmetics, but their potentials are far from fully exploited. QUALITREE aims to reduce poverty by increasing food security and income in Burkina Faso and Mali th ... Project Completion Report: Women in rural Africa traditionally extract oil from the seeds of numerous native trees. QualiTree combined investigations of rural people’s knowledge and analyses of physiochemical properties of oils to improve and prom ...
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A region wide assessment of land system resilience and climate robustness in the agricultural frontline of Sahel (LaSyRe-Sahel)

Research project This project will look at the triple exposure of local livelihood strategies and food provision to climate change, population pressure and globalization in agricultural frontline of Sahel. The research will: a) go beyond ‘established myths’ about cha ... Project Completion Report: The Sahel is challenged by the triple exposure of local livelihood strategies and food provision to climate change, population pressure and globalization The project a) employed satellite based methodology to give a reg ...
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West African Network for Studies of Environmental Change (WANSEC)

Research project It is proposed to create a West African network, including the University of Dakar, Senegal, Technical University of Bamako, Mali, University of Ghana, Legon, and the University of Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso; collaborating on research-based developmen ... Completion Report: The Wansec project aimed at an improved understanding of changes in the biophysical environment, natural resource management and physical planning in the face of climate change. This has been reached through development of cap ...
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