Nha Trang University (NTU), Vietnam

Innovating Vietnam’s TVET system (VIETSKILL)

Research project Although Vietnam has been remarkably successful in attracting FDI in recent years, many observers argue that the impact of FDI on domestic firms has been disappointing. The expected spillovers of knowledge and technology from foreign MNEs have been l ...
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Fish-borne Zoonotic Parasites in Vietnam II (FIBOZOPA)

Research project In the second phase (2007-2011) of the research capacity building project “Fishborne Zoonotic Parasites (FIBOZOPA) activities in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos will be implemented that: a) build the capacity needed for risk assessment and integrated cont ... Project Completion Report: The development of the aquaculture sector in Vietnam has been a success story in terms of increase in production volume as well as value. Ensuring a safe and high quality product from aquaculture to the consumer, both ...
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