Forum for Social Studies (FSS), Ethiopia

Governing Climate Mobility (GCM)

Research project Understanding the impacts of climate change on human mobility is a serious challenge for the 21st century. We know that climate change shapes socio-economic dynamics in ways that intensify household vulnerability and insecurity. and that it interacts ... Midterm report The Governing Climate Mobility Research Programme seeks to question the tendency to link climate change and migration causally. It explores the role of government and other political authorities in shaping the spaces in which decisi ...
Period: 2019-03-1 to 2024-03-31 Countries: Ethiopia Ghana Lead institution: Danish Institute for International Studies (DIIS), Denmark Partner institutions: Forum for Social Studies (FSS), Ethiopia University of Ghana (UG), Ghana Project code: 18-09-DIIS Total grant: 10,218,791 DKK
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Governing economic hubs and flows in Somali East Africa

Research project This research and capacity-building project contributes to a better understanding of key economic and political processes that have shaped state formation in the Somali territories since 1991. The project wants to explain how the daily management of ... Project Completion Report: Over a 6 year period a team of researchers from Denmark, Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia studied the political effects of cross-border trading between Somalia and its neighbors. The aim of this research and capacity-build ...
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