Kilimanjaro Clinical Research Institute (KCRI), Tanzania

Halting the dual Tuberculosis & Diabetes Epidemic

Research project Emergence of dual tuberculosis (TB)/diabetes mellitus (DM) epidemic threatens health and progress in sub-Saharan Africa. Interventions for these and other epidemics are managed in disease vertical programmes while various communicable and non-communi ... First-year report: Outputs: We have registred two PhD students and one post-doc. We have created materials for TB-DM course for front-line health care providers It’s a two package course - one for the mentors (standardised care package) and one ...
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Whole Genome Based Diagnostics and Investigations of Infectious Diseases

Research project The advancement of genome technologies holds great promise for improving the quality and speed of public health laboratory investigations, and for decreasing their cost. The latest genome DNA sequencers are now suitable for routine use in public heal ... Project completion report: The project had the following expected outcomes: 1. Education of 2 PhD-students in sequencing technology. BOTH SUCCESSFULLY DEFENDED IN 31st May 2019. 2. Implementation of the most recent diagnostic technology a ...
Period: 2012-12-31 to 2018-12-31 Countries: Tanzania Lead institution: Technical University of Denmark (DTU), Denmark Partner institutions: Kilimanjaro Clinical Research Institute (KCRI), Tanzania University of Copenhagen (UCPH), Denmark Project code: 12-007DTU Total grant: 8,759,400 DKK
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