Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Sciences (MUHAS), Tanzania

Green Resources Innovations For Livelihood Improvement

Research project The proposed collaborative project titled “Green Resources Innovations for Livelihood Improvement (GRILI)’ will be carried out in the Eastern Arc Mountains of Tanzania and Manyara region where Synadenium glaucescens, and Commiphora swynnertonii are f ... Midterm report Five PhD students icluding one female are recruted in the project. Zaituni Msengwa (female), Frank Rwegoshora, David Credo, Christopher Mwankuna and Eziacka Mpelangwa are writting their thesis and manuscripts, and ambitious to compl ...
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Access to Health Services for Key population in Tanzania

Research project HIV/AIDS has rolling back decades of socio-economic development in Sub Saharan Africa. While there are indications of declining HIV infection rates in the general population, men who have sex with men (MSM), female sex workers (FSW) and people who in ...
Period: 2016-05-1 to 2022-12-31 Countries: Tanzania Lead institution: Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Sciences (MUHAS), Tanzania Partner institutions: Tanzania Commission for AIDS (TACAIDS), Tanzania University of Oslo (UiO), Norway  University of Copenhagen (UCPH), Denmark Project code: 16-P03-TAN Total grant: 6,995,910 DKK
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Health Insurance in Ghana and Tanzania: Addressing Equity and Accessibility

Research project The aim of the project is to study the contribution of health insurance schemes to achieving health sector objectives such as access, equity, efficiency, resource mobilisation, risk protection and improvements in health in Tanzania and Ghana. The spe ... Completion Report - Summary: Based on household surveys, patient exit surveys and in-depth interviews in Ghana and Tanzania, the project contributed to the evidence on the impact of health insurance. As expected, health insurance provides financ ...
Period: 2008-12-31 to 2014-06-30 Countries: Ghana Tanzania Lead institution: Aarhus University (AU), Denmark Partner institutions: Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Sciences (MUHAS), Tanzania University of Ghana (UG), Ghana Project code: 19-08-AU Total grant: 4,680,940 DKK
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