Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries (MAAIF), Uganda

Nature-based Solutions for Climate- Resilient Tea Production in Uganda (NbS4Tea)

Research project Tea is an important part of Uganda's economy, but climate change is a major threat to its production. Tea plants are typically grown in rainfed systems across Uganda, and increasing frequency and duration of heat and drought spells have negative effe ...
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Transboundary animal diseases in East Africa

Research project In East Africa, livestock provides a source of family income for millions of people. A strong livestock sector is therefore crucial for enhancing food security and for reducing poverty in the region. However, endemic diseases of livestock and wildlif ... Midterm report 2014: The project has contributed to the existing knowledge and information base concerning FMD in livestock and wildlife in eastern Africa. The findings in the project can be used as a basis for strategies for undertaking further ...
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