Danish Institute Against Torture (DIGNITY), Denmark

Domestic Security Implications of UN Peacekeeping – D-SIP

Research project Participation of developing countries in institutions of global governance is key to the promotion of peace, security and stability. This project investigates links between UN peacekeeping contributions, domestic security provision and drivers of sta ... Midterm report: While COVID-19 slowed down progress of the project during 2020, pace picked up again during 2021. Fieldwork was carried out, and second drafts of articles for a special issue of Contemporary Journal of African Studies (CJAS), a U ...
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Mental Health in Post-Conflict Colombia – Ways Ahead

Research project After the recent peace agreement in Colombia between FARC and the government, the authorities are facing the huge challenge of rebuilding communities, public services and peaceful coexistence, particularly in the areas most severely marked by the arm ... Midterm report Beginning 2020, a preliminary analysis of the 15 project municipalities based on Colombian national data was performed to assess the territorial distribution and characteristics of vulnerable groups in the country. A quantitative ...
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Legacies of Detention in Myanmar

Research project Prisons and detention practices play a fundamental role in modern states in general, and authoritarian and post-authoritarian states, in particular. This project explores the historical and contemporary role of detention in Myanmar and its significan ...
Period: 2016-07-1 to 2022-12-31 Countries: Myanmar Lead institution: Danish Institute Against Torture (DIGNITY), Denmark Partner institutions: Justice for All, Myanmar Mahidol University, Thailand Yangon University (UY), Myanmar Project code: 16-04-DIGN Total grant: 9,644,206 DKK
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Once we were Warriors: Realizing Resources, Demobilization and Community Resilience Among Former Child Soldiers in Fragile States

Research project In fragile states the potentiality of sustainable peace, livelihoods and civic security are inseparable from the pursuits of political stability and demobilization of networks of terror.  Youth is a particular pertinent group when ensuring sustainabl ... Project completion report: In five contributions, the thesis unfolds how most of the Acholi women and men in the study turned to avoidant coping via responses such as silencing, suppression of vulnerable emotions, distraction (Contribution 2, an ...
Period: 2012-03-13 to 2017-07-14 Countries: Uganda Lead institution: Aarhus University (AU), Denmark Project code: 11-095RCT Total grant: 2,895,919 DKK
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Masculinity, sexuality and HIV/AIDS in Zambian prisons

Research project The spread of HIV/AIDS is deeply embedded in socio-economic realities of poverty and inequality. This research aims to shed light on experiences of incarcerated men, a group who are routinely overlooked in prevention efforts and yet are extremely vul ... Project Completion Report:   Research question: How do incarcerated men survive imprisonment psychologically and socially, and how do sexual relations play into this struggle for survival? 3 working questions: 1. What characterise ...
Period: 2010-03-31 to 2015-05-30 Countries: Zambia Lead institution: Roskilde University (RUC), Denmark Project code: 09-032RUC Total grant: 2,779,864 DKK
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The Politics Within Politics: The Fear of Loss and Hope of Gains at Dhaka University

Research project This project explores how governance, politics and authority operate in present day Bangladesh. The project centres on the sites of incubation of political leaders and state servants - the youth in student politics. The aim is to explore the interpla ... Project Completion Report: The research show that political motivated violence is engrained jn party politics and that this violence and the threat of violence is constitutive for the operation of organized recruitment and mobilization of young ac ...
Period: 2008-09-1 to 2013-07-1 Countries: Bangladesh Lead institution: Danish Institute Against Torture (DIGNITY), Denmark Partner institutions: University of Copenhagen (UCPH), Denmark Project code: 03-08-RCT Total grant: 401,186 DKK
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Mobilizing Young Combatants in the Mano River Region

Research project The project investigates the mobilisation of male youth into violent networks and institutions across the borders of the conflict-ridden Mano River region of West Africa. By exploring the interplay between combatants, their recruiters and humanitaria ...This project has explored the mobilisation of young ex-combatants in the aftennath of the civil war in Sierra Leone. While a dominant logic of the internationally-directed peace process was that combatants should demobilise and adapt to civilian live ...
Period: 2008-12-30 to 2012-12-14 Countries: Guinea-Conacry Liberia Sierra leone Lead institution: Danish Institute Against Torture (DIGNITY), Denmark Project code: 15-08-RCT Total grant: 398,628 DKK
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