A Case Study of the Challenges Connected to Female Representation in the Democratization Process of Bhutan

Master thesis Abstract
Since 2008, Bhutan has undergone a transformation from being a well-established monarchy with deep roots in the Bhutanese history, culture and self-understanding, to being a flourishing democracy. According to Danida Bhutan is a s ...
Period: 2013-03-2 to 2013-05-29 Countries: Bhutan Lead institutions: Aalborg University (AAU), Denmark Grant recipient: Stine Lehm Skov Project code: A22237 Total grant: 18,000 DKK
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Monitoring Matters: Comparative Analysis of Innovative Approaches

Research project Monitoring of natural resources and resource use by professional scientists is often costly and hard to sustain, especially in developing countries, where financial resources are limited. Moreover, such monitoring can be logistically and technically ...
Period: 2005-08-31 to 2009-12-31 Countries: Bhutan Ghana Madagascar Namibia Nicaragua Philippines Tanzania Lead institution: University of Copenhagen (UCPH), Denmark Project code: 1203-LIFE Total grant: 8,104,832 DKK
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