Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology (VAST), Vietnam

Innovative Cleaning Technologies for Production of Drinking Water during Flooding Episodes (A-WATER)

Research project Clean freshwater is a resource indispensable to all life and it is needed in large quantities for almost any human activity. Climate, freshwater, biophysical and socio-economic systems are interconnected in complex ways, so a change in one of these s ... Project Completion Report: The obtained results in this project contributed the prediction and assessment tool that supports the decision of Vietnamese authorities in flood control. The environmental and health sector in Vietnam is highly interest ...
Period: 2012-01-1 to 2016-12-31 Countries: Vietnam Lead institution: Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology (VAST), Vietnam Partner institutions: University of Copenhagen (UCPH), Faculty of Life Sciences, Denmark Project code: 10-P04-VIE Total grant: 5,044,998 DKK
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Assessing effects of and responses to climate change on environment and socio-economic development in mid-Central Vietnam

Research project The project addresses the potential impacts of climate change on the occurance of disasters and other significant weather related phenomena during the last three decades in selected provinces in Mid -central Vietnam. The coping and adaptation strate ... Our investigation data reveals that local people felt unusual increase in extreme weather events in the recent years such as higher temperature, more storms, long-lasting and more severe droughts and more frequent and severe floods, that fits with o ...
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Climate change and estuarine ecosystems

Research project The project will establish a base line for the ecological functioning of two typical Vietnamese estuaries. The base line will comprise a description of the estuarine ecology including primary production, nutrient dynamics, substance transport to and ... We have fullfilled the goals that we agreed upon in 2010 and as we described in the application. Two female Vietnamese students graduated with high marks in 2011.All results from the project were disseminated during a national workshop at ION in Feb ...
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