Can Tho University (CTU), Vietnam

Interdisciplinary Project on Climate change in Tropical Aquaculture (iAQUA)

Research project To understand how global warming will affect tropical aquaculture, we will study how a temperature rise from the current value of 27-32 °C to 32-37 °C will affect physiological performance, food conversion efficiency and growth in air-breathing fish ... Project completion report: The project exceeded most of its objectives. We planned for 1 Danish PhD and 4 Vietnamese, but end up with 2 Danish (due to kind funding from Faculty of Science and Technology at AU) and with 5 Vietnamese PhD. We ai ...
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Agricultural growth and poverty pockets (AGROPOP)

Research project Several countries in Asia have experienced rapid growth and diversification of agricultural production due to combined demand from both the domestic and the global markets. The growth and diversification processes take place in agricultural growth re ... Project completion report: The Mekong River Delta is an example of industrialization via strategic coupling between global production networks and resource-rich regions. Especially the region’s rice and seafood industries have experienced remarkab ...
Period: 2010-12-31 to 2015-12-30 Countries: Vietnam Lead institution: University of Copenhagen (UCPH), Faculty of Science, Department of Food and Resource Economics, Denmark Partner institutions: Can Tho University (CTU), Vietnam Southern Horticultural Research Institute (SOFRI), Vietnam Project code: 10-032LIFE Total grant: 8,049,348 DKK
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Effects of temperature and hypoxia on aerobic scope in the giant freshwater shrimps (Macrobrachium rosenbergii) and (Penaeus monodon)

Research project Depending on future CO2 emission scenarios, the average surface temperature is projected to increase 1.1-6.4°C by 2100. Tropical species, compared to many temperate species, are expected to be particularly sensitive to elevated temperatures because t ... Project Completion Report: In light of the ongoing climate change, the ability to predict future effects on biota has received much attention, where it has been sought to establish a unifying model granting predictive power to characterize and q ...
Period: 2019-10-1 to 2013-12-31 Countries: Vietnam Lead institution: Aarhus University (AU), Faculty of Science, Department of Biological Sciences, Denmark Partner institutions: Can Tho University (CTU), Vietnam Project code: 10-082AU Total grant: 2,151,000 DKK
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