Generations and social activism: new forms of youth organisation in Egypt

Research project This PhD project investigates a new and emergent form of youth activism in Egypt. Lately, a growing number of young Egyptians have started to engage in society in order to solve youth-related problems and contributing to social reform and development ... Project Completion Report: The project has explored processes of subjectivity formation and development of generational consciousness among a group of young Muslim volunteers in Cairo engaged in society through Resala, a large Muslim NGO. Follow ...
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The European Union’s responsibility to protect – “Responsibility to Protect” (R2P) in an Arab Spring

Master thesis Abstract
The events of the ‘Arab Spring’ and especially the military intervention in Libya have reinvigorated the discussion of the implementation of the ‘Responsibility to Protect’ doctrine (R2P). The European Unio ...
Period: 2012-08-26 to 2012-09-24 Countries: Egypt Lead institutions: University of Copenhagen (UCPH), Denmark Grant recipient: Ida Krogh Mikkelsen Project code: A14658 Total grant: 12,000 DKK
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