Optimizing Brazil Health Care with telemedicine (BRAHIT)

Research project In BRAHIT we test in a pragmatic clinical trial, the hypothesis that a novel collaboration model across health sectors in Brazil can improve the quality of the management of patients with heart failure. Health resources are scarce in Brazil, posin ... First year report The BRAHIT project will investigate the feasibility of a new collaborative model across sectors, to reach the frail urban population. The clinical project is ongoing and will provide research-based grounds for a globalizable poli ...
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One Health – Strengthening Health Care Management

Research project Access to effective antibiotics is imperative for health systems to guarantee patient security and quality treatment. Ineffective antibiotics due to Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) is slowing down the pace of advancements for strengthening health care ... First year report This project aims to identify key One health factors which could be taken into consideration to implement effective interventions to secure high-quality access to antibiotics within the Brazilian context. We have started to condu ...
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