The industrial return on the green transition: Renewable energy in Vietnam (REturn)

Project summary

The diffusion of renewable energy (RE), such as solar PV and wind power, is growing rapidly in a number of Southeast Asian (SEA) countries, most prominently Vietnam, Malaysia and Thailand. Government support aimed at stimulating the diffusion of RE in Vietnam and across SEA has been motivated by an aspiration to improve the capabilities and competitiveness of domestic suppliers of RE components and services. So far, however, there is a lack of research that examines the effects of such policy measures. This project therefore examines the question of whether and how the transition to RE in Vietnam can proceed in manner that supports the development of domestic industries. Several Vietnamese universities are involved in the project and the project team will engage closely with various private and public sector stakeholders in Vietnam and Denmark. Research capacity strengthening is as a central part of the project, which will include the education of three Vietnamese PhD students. The knowledge generated in the project will provide a basis for improved policies adopted in Vietnam, across SEA and other developing economies countries in order to increase the industrial return from the transition to RE.

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