Once we were Warriors: Realizing Resources, Demobilization and Community Resilience Among Former Child Soldiers in Fragile States

Research project In fragile states the potentiality of sustainable peace, livelihoods and civic security are inseparable from the pursuits of political stability and demobilization of networks of terror.  Youth is a particular pertinent group when ensuring sustainabl ... Project completion report: In five contributions, the thesis unfolds how most of the Acholi women and men in the study turned to avoidant coping via responses such as silencing, suppression of vulnerable emotions, distraction (Contribution 2, an ...
Period: 2012-03-13 to 2017-07-14 Countries: Uganda Lead institution: Aarhus University (AU), Denmark Project code: 11-095RCT Total grant: 2,895,919 DKK
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