Competent use of high value Andean crops (ANDESCROP)

Research project Food security in the Andes is low due to extremely harsh climatic conditions, poor soils, and a high poverty levels. The project objective is to improve food security in the Andean region by developing methods for sustainable use of Andean plant gen ... Completion Report - Summary: The ANDESCROP project by the Faculty of Science, University of Copenhagen; Faculty of Agronomy of the Universidad Mayor de San Andrés and the Foundation for the Promotion and Research of Andean Products-Proinpa, h ...
Period: 2009-12-31 to 2014-06-29 Countries: Bolivia Lead institutions: Universidad Mayor de San Andres, Bolivia University of Copenhagen (UCPH), Denmark University of Copenhagen (UCPH), Faculty of Science Project code: 09-058LIFE Total grant: 7,205,695 DKK
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