Southern Institute for Water Resources Planning (SIWRP), Vietnam

Improving rice tolerance of submergence and salinity to cope with climate change in coastal areas of Vietnamese Deltas

Research project The extension project contributes to enhancing and sustaining future livelihoods and food security in Vietnam vis-a-vis climate change (CC).  It aims at developing adapted, submergence- and salt-tolerant rice varieties and water resources options, an ... Project Completion Report:   Objective, activity & output 1: Progeny of Saltol -Sub1 lines developed from AS996, BT7, Q5DB were tested, screened and selected for field trial. Objective, activity & output 2: F2 plants AS996-Sal ...
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Impacts of Climate Change on Land Use Change in the Red River Delta and its Community Livelihood Change

Research project In a context where Vietnam is considered as one of the most potentially affected by climate change, our project aims to understand the relation between climate change and its impacts to livelihood change of rural community in the Red River Delta (RRD ...For climate change modelling, 4 Regional Climate Models have been used for dynamically downscaling different Global Climate Models outputs: RegCM3, MM5, REMO and CCAM and these outpus are cross-compared to 20-km resolution product from the MRI/JMAJap ...
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